Critical Care Medicine: The Essentials is already in its fourth edition. What are the essentials? The essentials are a mixture of sound physiology. Critical Care Medicine: The Essentials is now available in its 4th edition, with its main purpose being to provide essential core knowledge to students. Request PDF on ResearchGate | On May 1, , B. L. Taylor and others published Critical Care Medicine: The Essentials.

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PDF | On Jun 1, , Price L.C and others published Book review: Critical Care Medicine. The Essentials. 4th Edition. Critical Care Medicine, The Essentials, fourth edition by John J. Marini and Arthur P. Wheeler, pp, $, Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, Philadelphia, Critical care medicine is different from most other disciplines in that the approach is practice of critical care medicine, orienting the reader towards a problem-‐.

All patients do not behave the same, therefore physicians have to decide patient management using clinical judgment based on clinical signs, on core physiology and on patient response to disease and interventions.

Most of the attractiveness of this book comes from the fact that it is written by clinicians for clinicians. It describes a lot of clinical signs, patho physiological patterns, X-ray aspects, and other small tricks that guide the physician to rapidly diagnose at the bedside what the patient may present or to better set up ventilatory support. This book is separated into two parts: the first relates to techniques and methods, while the second relates to diseases.

Critical Care Medicine: The Essentials and More

The separation is sometimes artifactual, as mechanical ventilation has to be discussed as a technique but also for the management of ventilatory failure. Nevertheless, this separation does not impede reading because there is no overlap and because this book is not a handbook.

Chapters have to be read cautiously, taking time to understand the details of physiological principles or the interaction between disease processes and interventions. The book covers most aspects of intensive care practice, including a rapid description of the diseases that may be encountered in critically ill patients, the specificities of critically ill patients, and the therapeutic interventions and monitoring techniques that may be used.

The quality of the different sections is quite heterogeneous.

Critical Care Medicine. The Essentials. 4th Edition.

The cardiovascular sections are excellent and the respiratory sections are really astonishing. Even physicians with excellent knowledge in respiratory medicine will learn by reading these parts.

The sections describe all types of respiratory failure and discuss their specific management. You need to read! Make sure it is the newest addition where they emphatically recommend pain meds for abd pain pts and it is written by a surgeon Essential Emergency Trauma -Edited by my friend and colleague, Kaushal Shah.

The Miracle Morning: The Not-So-Obvious Secret Guaranteed to Transform Your Life

This is a perfect introductory text for residents. Covers Trauma from A to Z in a easy to read format. Trauma, Seventh Edition -The be-all end-all of trauma management. Geared towards the surgeon so be prepared to skim. It is written by and for EM docs, so no boring crap, just the important stuff we need to know.

Common Hand Injuries by Carter years old and still the best hand book out there. You need to know the hand; this book is the way to learn.

It even has cartoons. Out of print forever, it has just been released in a 2nd edition as an ebook.

Carter still has them beat. Toxicology Toxicology Secrets, 1e -Hate to recommend review books, but this series keeps coming through. This book has gone out of print, so Steve Smith who is super-kind has decided to give away the full text for free.

Electrocardiography in Emergency Medicine -Until Dr. Smith's book returns to print, this incredible work edited by the master, Amal Mattu, is the one I recommend.

Critical Care Ultrasonography, 2nd edition -This book will take your ultrasound skills to the next level to be able to optimally manage the critically ill patient. Miscellaneous Minor Emergencies: Expert Consult — Online and Print, 3e -Covers all the emergencies that need to be treated but don't need to come in by ambulance, ie.

Basically everything you will see on a fast track shift.

Of course our patients call ambulances for back pain for the past 7 years, but that is another story. All the skills and tricks of the old time docs who could diagnose without the benefit of labs and x-rays of course they did not have the benefit of any useful treatment one they diagnosed, sort of reminds me of the neuro folks.You can manage this and all other alerts in My Account.

Pediatric Critical Care Medicine

Carter still has them beat. Topics range from intubation, ventilation, and pharmacotherapy, as well as drug overdoses, sepsis, gastrointestinal bleeding, and other crisis care scenarios.

Your enhanced eBook allows you to access all of the text, figures, and references from the book on a variety of devices. The book is consistently illustrated with essential figures, graphs, and tables.