pages, edition - Mormons claim to follow the same God and the same Jesus as Christians. They also state that their gospel comes. A real controversy has been raging in Salt Lake City ever since the film The Godmakers II was shown at a local church. The reason the film created such a. The Godmakers, which was first shown in , was produced largely through the efforts of Edward Decker, who is currently international director of. Saints Alive.

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The God Makers book. Read 33 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. “This book is dynamite! The most powerful thing I've read on the sub. The God Makers: A Shocking Expose of What the Mormon Church Really Believes [Ed Decker, Dave Hunt] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying . Restaurant The God Makers with King John in free ebooks download sites for mba when he thought it was the eldest of four North Atlantic (abstr), Eos Trans.

So i did a teeny bit of biblical lookery.

To Love. But by now it has gone through so many edits - who knows? But why the Mormon obsession with genealogy anyway? Yes, Yes. One of the coolest memories of my childhood was being taken to a ginormous golden pool held up by golden oxen. I was dressed in white. My father, who i adored, nonetheless, quite the sinner, was a respected Elder and Priesthood holder at the time - and i was repeatedly Baptised for the Dead - a sinner repeatedly dunking a never-believer.

Wonder if it worked. There is much to dislike about MO. Just shows how things can go to hell without environmental regulation, i guess. Reading this was a chance to learn about Mormon vs Christian doctrine however. But one learns page that Jesus makes it very clear in his famous temple debate, that there is no marriage relationship in heaven, it is simply not sociologically necessary. No need to procreate another huge conflict with Mormon theology. How to populate all of those planets needed for all of those Good White Boys who never had the chance to have their own plantation to be the yessumMasser of?

No need to pass along property. No need at all. Every edition i could find very clearly states some version of: Matthew Amplified Bible AMP 30 For in the resurrection neither do men marry nor are women given in marriage, but they are like angels in heaven [who do not marry nor produce children].

Just party. Well, i added that.

How do the Mormons jive with the stuff they shovel? And demanding blind obedience helps: page. Russell Mortensen, eds. Joseph Smith. View of the Hebrews. It is not consistent to say he made it up, and that he plagiarized it, and that it came from Satan.

The authors break rules of logic in dealing with Joseph Smith. Do the authors also discredit the biblical events that seem strange? What right do the authors have to take what is sacred to millions and falsely call it strange, weird and satanic? For the things which some men esteem to be of great worth. All books typeset from handwritten manuscripts, as the Book of Mormon was, have many errors.

But the Book of Mormon manuscript given to the printer was a longhand copy of a longhand copy. Evidently, no proofreaders were used except what the printer did.

Ninety-nine percent of the original edition of the Book of Monnon has not been changed. Indeed, 4, changes seem amazingly few. Also, when one realizes the duress Joseph Smith worked under, with mobs frequently trying to get the plates, his printer being threatened, his having to move his residence more than once to avoid physical attack, having the first pages of manuscript stolen and never retrieved, it is indeed amazing that such a monumental book could be produced in such a short time.

Ironically, dozens of new editions of the Bible have been brought forth, some deliberately changed almost word for word, with little criticism. Yet every change of the Book of Mormon has been minutely examined by Mormons and non-Mormons. Dozens of articles and books have been written on the subject of Book of Mormon changes and these changes have logical explanations and almost every change is trivial. It seems inconsistent for the authors to criticize the Book of Mormon that has but a small fraction of the number of changes that have been made in the Bible.

See page , line 30 to page , line 5 for one kind of change the authors think is significant. Elder Boyd K. Packer has commented on the Book of Mormon changes: [Critics] cite these changes.

As though they were the only ones that knew of them. Ensign, May , p. The Book of Mormon is undoubtedly one of the most scrutinized books in history. The results of that scrutiny point to its authenticity. We will treat separately one alleged problem mentioned on page , line 30 to page , line 5. There are grammatical errors in The God Makers, which I chose to ignore.

My response will certainly have errors in it, too. The correction of typographical errors and some clarification changes do not detract from the reality of the Book of Mormon. According to LDS doctrine, this is not a problem. In I Nephi and the other verses cited, Joseph Smith apparently felt clarification would be needed. But this change is not related to a doctrinal change in the verses nor an accidental omission in the introduction.

It seems apparent that when the Book of Mormon or the Bible speaks of the three members of the Godhead as one, there is room for two interpretations.

When one reads all the biblical scriptures dealing with God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost, one sees that they definitely favor an anti-Trinitarian interpretation, especially John which states: Neither pray I for these alone, but for them also which shall believe on me through their word. That they [the believers] all may be one as thou.

Father, art in me, and I in thee, that they [the believers] also may be one in us. Four Book of Mormon passages pointed out in the book do sound more like John in the first edition and in subsequent editions they sound more like John There are other verses in the Book of Mormon besides the testimony of the three witnesses that speak of the oneness in purpose of the Godhead, that were left intact, which Joseph Smith apparently felt no need to change.

The authors are silent on other Book of Mormon passages which make clear the separate personalities of the Godhead and that have been that way since the first edition. In these passages the Book of Mormon is as explicit on separate beings as is John Elsewhere the Book of Mormon passages sound more like John , but mean the same. Thus we see that a major doctrinal point the authors claim was changed was not. It was a clarification. There is no reference given for this statement.

The authors do quote one non-LDS archaeologist, using his negative statement on the top of Page 87, line I, beginning with ellipses. John L. Sorenson articles in September and October Ensign and his book. The facts still remain that the Book of Mormon in addition to teaching of a white God, Jesus, in ancient America, also mentioned horses, steel, wheels, white skinned people, metal toys, barley, etc.

Today these items are verifiable. There are other approaches to verifying the Book of Mormon such as language and cultural peculiarities and how these people compare to Semitic people. But the real test is the prayerful reading and studying of the book. Actually a number of scientific studies have been made and are continuing to be made concerning the Book of Mormon text. A few examples: Dr. John W. Welch has found chiasmus in the Book of Mormon.

Chiasmus is a rhetorical device used prevalently in the Bible and in other ancient literatures and was unnoticed by modern Western civilization until the mid-nineteenth century. Reynolds, ed. Book of Mormon Authorship, p.

Wilfred Griggs has pointed out the striking similarity to the Book of Mormon Tree of Life story and other sixthor seventh-century B. Griggs reviewed these writings and noted the Near Eastern, or more particularly Egyptian, origin of the texts. Hugh W. This study revealed no contradictions and numerous remarkable correspondences.

Wayne A. Larsen and Dr. Alvin C. Rencher have reported their findings from a statistical analysis of style in the Book of Mormon.

It is the religious account of three groups that came to the Americas prior to A. There undoubtedly were many other groups that could have come independently including groups coming across the Bering Strait, as much evidence shows. Its twenty years of excavations and exploration in Chiapas have put that state on the archaeological map and have established one of the longest and best archaeological sequences for any part of the New World.

Credit for this goes to the foresight of [Thomas Stewart] Ferguson and the original directors, but especially to the first-class [LDS] archaeologists who have carried out the program. First and foremost among them, I would name Gareth W. Lowe, who has been field director for a number of years and who has established himself as the outstanding expert in the field of Formative Mesoamerica.

And full praise must be given to the generosity and wisdom of the [LDS] Church leadership in providing financial backing for the foundation.

The God Makers: A Shocking Expose of What the Mormon Church Really Believes

However, the Book of Mormon that is being discredited testifies of Christ and the Bible in no uncertain terms.

The authors must be aware that some LDS archaeologists feel they have good evidence for locating many of the sites even though the LDS leaders have not taken an official position. The Book of Mormon sites may or may not prove accurate, but many biblical sites have been changed over the years, too. How can the authors quote certain LDS archaeologists and not point out that they continue as true believers of the Book of Mormon?

Green they ignore that he believes that the cultural and historical evidence that has been done is much more impressive than archaeological evidence.

After all, the Book of Mormon deals with people. Archaeology deals with things. Not one original biblical manuscript exists either, yet the authors claim acceptance of the Bible.

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If the authors mean that records written on gold plates have not been found they are wrong, because a number of such ancient metal records, dating to Book of Mormon times, have been found, a fact the book omits. See Paul R. Cheesman, Ancient Writings on Metal Plates. The authors, although their statement is not clear, probably mean an actual Book of Mormon gold plate. Page 90, lines The real Cumorah is not in New York. No official claim is made as to where the Cumorah in the Book of Mormon was located.

Moroni could have brought the plates to New York after his many years of wandering as a fugitive or angels could certainly relocate plates if they wished. The authors offer no documentation to verify this claim. Roberts devoted his life to studying the Book of Mormon from every angle. He was undoubtedly one of the foremost defenders of the faith the LDS Church has ever had.

Smith, Jr. Elder Roberts recognized that there were some questions difficult to handle and he wanted to find answers so that the LDS Church would have replies to critics when needed.

On January 4 and 5, , B. Several General Authorities were assigned to find appropriate answers. Roberts made the following disclaimer about the report: Let me say once and for all, so as to avoid what might otherwise call for repeated explanation, that what is herein set forth does not represent any conclusions of mine.

This report [is].

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I am taking the position that our faith is not only unshaken but unshakable in the Book of Mormon, and therefore we can look without fear upon all that can be said against it. In support of this view in a letter addressed to Elder Richard R. This approach—used to prepare the president of the United States for a press conference, to prepare a salesman to answer objections—is recognized as a legitimate technique for preparation.

No one would consider such briefing papers to represent the position of the one who prepared such papers. Yet in The God Makers the authors have felt they could further truth and objectivity in this selective manner by using B. This tactic is used often by the authors.

In April on only one of the thirty occasions when he used the Tabernacle pulpit on this subject, B. Roberts read the poignant account of the reaction of the Nephites to the visit of Christ in America as recorded in the Book of Mormon 3 Nephi Roberts then said: Now, tell me in what church or cathedral in the world, in what sacred grove, in what place among the habitations of men will be found a more glorious Easter vision of the Christ than this?

And the world would have lost this if it had not been for the Book of Mormon coming forth and there are a hundred more such glorious things that have come to the world in the book to enlighten the children of men. He closed with a prayer, for on this level the paralytic influence of analysis gave. It was the praise of God that shone in him as he sang his song of praise.

Madsen, p. Roberts had his problems with some Church leaders. He was chastized several times, once when he ran for the U.

Congress without getting Church approval, which was expected of General Authorities.

The God Makers: A Shocking Expose of What the Mormon Church Really Believes

Elder Roberts won the election, but suffered the pain of never holding his seat when his peers in Congress refused to allow him to do so because he was a Latter-day Saint. Roberts had wanted to turn against the LDS Church, he had every reason to. Among readers who came to the Book of Mormon with hard, skeptical assumptions, B. Roberts is notable. He was capacitated by temperament and equipped by study for penetrating analysis.

Moreover, at many junctures of his life he had profound personal reasons and emotional and spiritual stresses which might have led a man of lesser integrity to discard wholesale his religious heritage. Madison U. To exonerate B. View of the Hebrews was first published in and a second edition in This was during the time Joseph Smith received annual visits from the Angel Moroni, but before he received the plates in The first edition of View of the Hebrews was published seven years before the Book of Mormon.

Some writers feel that Joseph Smith could have been influenced by the book and they point out such parallels as: Both books claim that some of the American Indians descended from Hebrews Savage tribes destroyed their civilized brethren in a final battle.

The God Makers

In both accounts, sacred records, handed down from generation to generation, were buried in a hill and handed down later. Both books identify American Indians as the tribe of Joseph. Both books inform Americans that they should convert the Indians to their Hebraic scriptural heritage see George D.

Students of the Book of Mormon would agree that the parallels are generally true with slight modification as far as the Book of Mormon is concerned. Roberts pointed out other parallels such as lost books, Urim and Thummirn, and the many Isaiah quotes. It would certainly have been normal for Joseph Smith to have read it had he heard about it.

What about the differences between the two works? In Ariel Crowley in About the Mormons pp. The View of the Hebrews relates primarily to a people lost in about the year B.

The View of the Hebrews is intended as a spur to induce Protestants to engage in proselyting Jews and Indians to Protestant Christianity by contributing to missionary organizations and welfare groups.

The Book of Mormon has a purpose identical with the purpose of the Bible, i.

Or where in this book could he possibly get the ideas found in Alma 32 pertaining to faith?You will find their answer curiously similar to an answer you would have given if you were asked the same question. Hang on a sec. How do the Mormons jive with the stuff they shovel?

And he will have many, many, many wives. Nov 28, Annette rated it liked it Shelves: He did not get a degree or even attend the Oriental Institute at the University of Chicago as he alleged, nor did he ever—as he claimed—attend or get an M.

In the last 2. Volume 2. I thought I had heard the last of anti-Mormon literature.