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Verity and him were giggling like a pair of kids. We were just chatting. The third. Max and I decided it was time to take Ethan home. Verity occupied the sofa opposite to us. It was in your lunch container before you even got to first period. We stuck him in the back seat. How on Earth am I supposed to figure out what you meant?

Can we get pizza? I want a pizza. They seemed to increase by the day. The truck was silent throughout the first couple of minutes of our journey back home. The first apple I took a bite out of. I hate when people do that. Her emerald eye shadow however.

He managed to stand on his own. He nodded. The second you took a bite out of. My response was like lightning. I think Ethan tried to make conversation. He tried to force one in return. Max opened the back door to the truck while I held Ethan. On the downside. Max decided Ethan should stay at his. I love you. We woke him up and helped him to his feet. He mentioned that he would like to open up his own bar when he retired. You ask them a question with an optional answer and they reply with yes.

I found it hard to grasp how many admirers Ethan had. I kept looking back and checking if the sleeping Ethan was ok. There was a deafening sound of metal scraping on metal. At that moment. I saw Madeline and Ethan making their friendship bracelets again. I got a tiny glimpse of Max turning around and saying. I saw myself spitting the blackcurrant juice all over Ethan at his seventh birthday party. Max removed the handbrake and pressed the accelerator. I tried to compose myself and gather my bearings.

It lasted no longer than a few seconds. Ethan slipped back off into his sleep. Everything seemed to pass by in slow motion. My vision blurred. The traffic lights switched to green. I cannot wait to climb in to bed.

Max stuck on the handbrake. My life flashed before my eyes. The light got closer. I had my eyes closed and kept them closed. Then everything came to a halt. We then pulled up at a set of red lights. Do you remember what happened last night? I placed my hand on it. Do you want me to send them in? I began to panic. My eyes took a few forced blinks to respond.

Then I realised I was lying in a hospital bed. I tried to sit up. Angela crouched alongside my bed. I glanced to my side to see a bottle of water on the shelf. I just wanted them to hug me. How are my friends? Are they ok? Where are they? Are they dead? Mum appeared from behind the curtain first. You hit your head pretty hard. I was only a kid so I may have empthasised it a little.

The unmistakable smell of hand sanitiser filled my nostrils. She held my hand as I maintained my breathing. We kept you sedated until the morning to be on the safe side of things. She must have noticed me looking at it as she grabbed it and poured me some into a small cup. A middle-aged black woman wearing a long white coat approached my bed after appearing from behind a curtain.

You were involved in a car crash last night. It was like the world was ending… over an ear infection. My Mum was crying because I was crying. I remember when I was younger I had an ear infection. I was just happy to be alive. My arm had a small plastic tube running from it into a little clear bag. Never had water tasted so good. After a little medicine I was as good as new. Good to see you coming around. You suffered a mild concussion and a little cut to your head. How are you? She gave me a comforting smile before disappearing behind the curtain.

How do you feel. When we got the call we thought she would be better staying there instead of sitting in the hospital. My parents thanked her for taking care of me. A fractured radius and ulna in his lower left arm and a fractured collarbone. He had a small black brace on his right wrist and a plaster above his right eyebrow. Is he ok? And a few bruised ribs. What am I saying of course I did. I started to cry. Angela vanished behind the curtain. My Dad crouched alongside my Mum and grabbed my hand.

Everyone gave sighs of relief. What is going on? He was most definitely sat in the back because I put him there. I assumed he called Ethan. She looked over at Angela for help. I smiled at them and waited for Ethan to follow. My head hurts a little. She stayed over at her friends last night. Her eyes filled with tears. I remember little about the crash. Knight was sat in the front passenger seat.

He rubbed his nose before sticking his head out of the curtain. I calmed down. I hated to see my Mum cry. It kept repeating in my head over and over — one. I smiled over at my teary eyed parents. Is he dead? When she reappeared my tears continued. If you want to see Ethan before you go. Then I remembered Angela saying. I could slowly feel my world around me closing in on me. Your parents can sign you out then. My sight immediately switched to Max as Angela paused to write something on her report.

Max and I shortly followed. How are you both? We walked by a further three or four more rooms before they became smaller with single patients occupying them. We found Angela stood at one of the reception desks filling out paperwork.

I have no doubt. But on the bright side.

Only one thing replayed in my mind. I felt so weak. We passed each room too quickly to take in any further detail. Sanitation filled the air.

Mainly because 1 Switching seats in a matter of nanoseconds is impossible. I hope you understand that. I tucked my fist under my chin to keep my head upright. I needed to get straight to the point. What can I say? He loves you August. Angela on the ward. No one here will believe us when we tell them. Mum put my hand on her cheek and kissed it. The one thing I needed to speak to Max about. The police were supposed to be right behind their 4x4. Max and I searched for Dr.

Either side of the corridor had a few rooms containing five or six patients in each. I asked the hospital for a brace to wear for a week in case I catch my wrist on anything. Only a sprained wrist. Dad leaned over and kissed my forehead. You need a coffee and something to eat my love. They both looked so tired and run down.

Max walked over and sat on the edge of my bed as they left. Hit a curb and lost control — which lead to them smashing into us. To settle our nerves.

Max and I to get reacquainted. I heard his heart monitor beeping as I stepped inside. Angela finished before she left Ethan. She opened the door to the room. Yellow is his least favourite colour. I checked my homemade clock that Ethan gave me. The first thing that caught my eye was the bright yellow cast on his arm.

He could have died switching places with me. These rooms are supposed to be used for patients with life threatening conditions. I could see the end of a scar along his collarbone underneath his hospital clothing. I remained knelt as Max took a seat in the old leather chair in the corner of the room. As I tested my memory I remembered my arranged date with Mark. After suffering a concussion from a car crash the night before.

The cast can be taken off after around nine weeks. My eyes welled up. The door closed. He really is my guardian angel. All our other rooms are full. Max smirked. Ethan can be signed out in the next ten to twelve days. I need some sleep. I knelt down beside his bed. It broke my heart seeing him this way.

It seemed he had an endless amount of wires and tubes running in and out of him. His hair looked lifeless and dull. A tear revealed itself from the corner of my eye when I glanced down. I had twenty-five minutes to get. He nodded his head while biting at his thumbnail.

It felt so good to be back home. I had just closed my bedroom door and slumped onto my bed. Angela stopped at the third or fourth room we came across. When I unwrapped my gift to find a small. Why a clock of all gifts? I should explain this clock of mine. So is this a date or are you meeting a friend?

It was perfectly symmetrical and smooth. At first it confused me. It had a pearl white face. I need a lift to the restaurant. I was excited to see what he had gotten for me. I dropped it somewhere.

Like Ethan said it means something and will last longer than perfume. The one down the road. Will you take me please? I said I would meet someone there. Ethan gave it to me for my thirteenth birthday. They think it would be a tad overwhelming for Ethan to wake up to everyone gathered around his bed. I stared at her for a few seconds. It was a total utter disaster. Mum was already waiting for me in car as we stepped outside. He waved to Mum before walking away. Mark kissed my cheek and wished me well.

I found you a Hallway magazine downstairs.

He was surprisingly understanding and reassuring. But never mind. If you could say those kind. I doubt Mark will want to see me again. I needed to be there when Ethan woke up. She seemed to scowl at him in an evil way. We both had a bowl of tomato soup each while we waited for our mains. I turned up looking like a homeless person. I rolled my eyes in front of Mark. I had to explain why I looked like a homeless person.

I sat myself in the chair in the corner of the room. I stared at Ethan for a while. Mark had ravioli. Then you can go home and get some rest.

My eyes welled up as I raised my head. Until I dominate Britain and then the globe. Then out of nowhere I heard. He let out a sigh. I forgot. That familiar feeling of jealousy started to build up inside me. He stopped mid conversation with Max. Inside was a special interview about her latest movie Hard Luck which is being released in the next month or two.

How long have you laid there waiting to say that? I need it to. Other than his Dad. I got you a bottle of water. Rolled his head back towards me and said. Max stepped inside with the happiest look on his face. I have to fund my expensive taste somehow. Another huge photo of Eleanor Walden printed on the cover.

Perfect timing. My break big will come soon. Maximus my man. Ethan wiped a tear that strolled down my cheek. It was the only thing on my mind from the second I found out. Madeline is pretty much his sister. I reached over to the table grabbing the magazine.

Which is a complete lie I feel dreadful. I thought over what Ethan had just said. He pushed my cheeks together and sulked childishly.

How do you feel? I knew exactly what he was doing. He placed his hand on the top of it. Max and I were his only family. I feel fantastic. I folded up my magazine and dropped it on to the floor beside me. His eyes opened. I thought. I rushed over and grabbed the phone in case it was Dr. Andrews is a no questions asked. I took a deep breath and squeezed the handle but paused.

But she looks ten or fifteen years younger than her age. Andrews said with delight. I can never remember. She is forty-four or forty-five. If I look even half as good as her at her age. She sulked at me and vanished into the living room. I stuck my tongue out at her to which she returned. She eats so much of it that my parents have had to limit her to how much she can eat.

I thought I was doing well in Performing Arts. I do apologise! Your little sister is so adorable. Are you feeling better? I will be one very happy lady. My hand hovered over the handle to her office as I reassured myself outside.

At that moment she grabbed a kitchen chair and placed it beside the fridge. I knocked. Oh yes I was off ill. Bubblegum is strangely her favourite flavour.

Angela calling me regarding Ethan. Madeline is addicted to ice cream. After our final assessment at the end of this week. Someone who takes the world by storm and everyone will know Stanley Tennant gave that person her opportunity to be known. I have some good news for you.

Stanley and I have been very good friends since we were. She laughed. She returned to the paperwork she was reading as I shut the door behind me and sat. I watched her eyes flick along the final lines of the pages. My heartbeat began to thud. Her brightened face dropped into a dark stare.

I was having a meeting with a friend about a new job offer. If we can get your parents to sign a document. I laughed.

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And you have just as much potential. It took him a long time to persuade me. Bad news is the last thing I need. She raised an eyebrow at me. I would very much like it if you would be my number sixteen.

I feel I should begin with a small lie I may have told. And that is when I mentioned you.


I could recite it to you backwards. A girl called Rachel is sat in an interrogation room after she has witnessed a murder. It seemed before I hung up the phone she was already stepping out of the car to rush into college. I made it to the train station in time. I think Ms. Andrews said. I gazed upon the script Ms. Andrews and I are on a train to London. A policeman begins to interview her.

As the scene continues Rachel becomes more and more upset. She flicked her eyes up from the paperwork she was reading. I love you so much! If someone asked me what my strongest attribute was. Leaving me stood on the path outside questioning if she was actually a superhero.

I exited to call my parents. It seemed before I could even open the college door to discuss things with her she was already sprinting back towards her car to go back to work. I felt like sprinting down the corridor and sliding on my knees and cheering as loudly as I physically could. Not even a ticket officer. I told myself this is my time to shine. Stanley is going to be there? After a very flustered day at college and rushing home to make myself presentable.

Andrews had given me and turned the first page. It finished with the policeman stepping out of the room to answer a phone call. I rested my head against the wall as I shut her office door. Stanley appeared ten or fifteen years younger than his actual age. How are we all? Stanley will soon be on stage. Her hobbies. I have no doubt that Stanley will adore you.

He may come across as mean and rude. He was wearing a very smart tweed suit. Andrews and the other casting members sitting beside her. I suppose they were trying to get a better perspective of who they had auditioning for them. Before they began they asked about her. Which is understandable. Today has been weird. Stanley sat down at one of the chairs. After the third time of running through the script. The table was positioned front and center. Andrews advice of not to be nervous only increased my nerves.

After each audition Stanley said one or two words about the girl he had just ran through the scene with. Andrews has explained my audition will be the last to take place. She was good. When I searched him online it said he was forty-five. One holding a table.

Stanley Tennant had walked onto the stage. Stanley is bald. A girl walked on from stage left. Andrews smirked at me. Andrews asked. Andrews replied on behalf of the casting crew. Andrews and the other members laughed. What would he say about me? Two men appeared from stage right. This man is worth millions and millions. I can also watch all the auditions take place and make mental notes of the approach each actress makes towards the character. My chances are increasing. Preparing myself for my audition.

Her and a few other members of the casting team are all sat in the third row of the theatre. Her audition was short and snappy. Stanley barked down the phone and said to get it rearranged, then hung up. Shall we begin? The eleventh girl walked off the stage after shaking hands with Stanley. This made me angry. I almost booed her off the stage. So I have prepared myself to cry, but only tears running down my cheeks, cry.

Nothing over the top. Andrews walked to my row and sat beside me as the fifteenth audition took place. Andrews patted my knee, my cue to take my place on stage. She gave me a sincere nod and a smile.

Just Friends

I stood, rushed down to the front of the stage, jogged up the stairs and slowly sat into my seat facing Stanley. The beaming stage lights almost blinded me, and the heat they produced was overwhelming. I thought I might pass out as I sat in the chair. This man could make or break my dream and career within a matter of minutes. Stanley sulked and then raised his eyebrows, realising my actions kind of made sense. He smirked, and rotated to Ms. Andrews and then back to me.

Andrews first name. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. My heart was pounding double time, and the butterflies in my stomach felt as though they were about to erupt.

But as soon as I opened my eyes, all those nerves had vanished.

It was like I was on autopilot. I was being controlled by a remote. He scowled right back at me. I wiped my eyes and sat upright, unsure to whether or not I had just produced the worst audition ever. Stanley leant back on his chair.

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His dark eyes faded innocently. And just like that, he was gone. I remained poised at my chair. Baffled by what had taken place. I took a deep breath out and dropped my shoulders. What a long, bewildering, and exhausting day yesterday was.

I finished college early today. Which meant I could visit Ethan earlier since I broke my promise of visiting him every day. I felt awful for breaking my promise. I wanted to see him so badly.

We need to talk. I spent several minutes wandering down the maze like hospital corridors in a fluster. Luckily, I stumbled upon Angela, who pointed me in the right direction. I stared at them in silence. Verity walked over and hugged me. Squeezing me for a few seconds before I put my arms around her, giving her a comforting pat on the back. I flicked my eyes over at Ethan. His face has regained so much colour in these past few days. He smiled at me and gave me the thumbs up, settling my nerves.

Five of them including her. We wanted to check how you were doing. Andrews planned this last minute audition for me. We were all shocked when we heard the news.

Verity must have psychic powers as she walked back over to Ethan and sat down beside him. I watched in discomfort.

Ethan briefly smiled at Verity, then her friends. It was nice to see you all. I shut the door behind them, resting my head on it.

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Apart from how we switched seats. I delayed my reply. If anything ever happened to you. Tell me. You already know the one I told you in the truck about the apple. You have until Saturday to choose one of my tricks for me to reveal. Ethan winced as he shuffled over. He put his arm around me and squeezed my shoulder. Then when you come in Saturday. Ethan had fallen asleep. It turns out her best friend is Stanley Tennant.

She got me an audition. I stood and grabbed my things. Believe me. If not instantly. I was with Ms. I rolled my eyes. I spoke to the doctor. Arriving home late last night must have tired me out because my eyes woke to Angela nudging me. He raised his arm implying for me to sit beside him so he could put his arm around me. I dawdled out of the room still rubbing my eyes.

Stanley seemed to like me. Ethan exhaled heavily. So I switched with you. She explained if you were sitting in the passenger seat with your seat belt on.

Any mention of seat switching the deals off. I paused for a second before I told him the trick I had chosen. The sandwich selection was a limited one. So I decided to leave it. I laughed too because his laugh always made me laugh. Then you have the possibility of whoever fetched you the two bottles over. My face grimaced as the wooden legs screeched along the floor.

The situation makes it difficult to pull it off you know. He was snoring which I thought was funny and somehow cute. Ethan burst into an uncontrollable laughter. Luckily there were three ham and cheese sandwiches left. He then grabbed his sandwich. I sighed in annoyance. My face was smug as I looked at him. I sat down on the chair. I focused my sight back onto Ethan who had a straight face.

He was still asleep when I entered his room. I tried to budge it closer to his bed so we could talk better. I flapped my arms and raised my eyebrows at him. So when you were upstairs she kept nagging me to do a card trick for her. To pick one out of all those card tricks would be very difficult. So lets recap what happened before — Verity opened the door and dragged me away from you guys straight away. Had you practiced it before?

Basically when you hit cold beers together. Most of them have been card tricks. Beer takes a long time to freeze. Otherwise after time they expand and shatter. The explanation might not even be as good as I was hoping.

The bottles smashed in my hands. He watched me for a second. I truly meant it. I visualised the whole event. It requires about three hours of cooling for this to work. I took a shot. I grabbed one and began drinking it for two reasons. Then when you and Max joined everyone downstairs and witnessed me performing the card trick to Verity.

I told her I would later after she asked for the fifth time. I was rambling. I dunno. I meant it. So when I struck them together. I phased out for a second there. I asked her to put a few bottles of beer in the freezer a couple of hours before we arrived as I mentioned I like beer ice cold.

Sometimes magic is all about luck. After he wandered off to Italy to play poker. I want to prevent the news about Mark and me from reaching Ethan because I want to tell him myself.

The hospital has tried calling him countless times. Mark and I went for a walk the day after Ethan told me the secret to his bottle trick. Two weeks. I always see Ethan sitting right next to me. When I picture myself sat next to the person I want to spend the rest of my life with. What can kind of Father does that?

Who knows what will happen. Ethan deserves so much better. A mixture of tears and alcohol. I recognised the back of his head as I entered the restaurant. His eyes were watery. He kept saying. I offered to help although his stubborn self refused.

At least ten times. Mark walked over during lunch today and we ate together. My palms were sweating as I grabbed the handle to the restaurant door. I at least wanted to give him the decency of telling him in person. Then he asked me out to go out with this evening. Maybe I was being too considerate. It would give it time to marinate. Do I tell him now or leave it until later?

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Get the free storage for ebooks for comfortable reading in any format. Start reading an ebook on your smartphone and continue reading on the ereader at the same reading position.I moved the plate off my lap and onto the sofa cushion beside me. Disadvantages: The truth is there are no drawbacks, except the fact that you cannot get a book made of paper. Billy Taylor. We sat there in silence for a minute or two before I saw Max return out of the corner of my eye.

But she looks ten or fifteen years younger than her age. Ethan exhaled heavily. My Not So Perfect Life. I rushed behind him.