BASKETBALL. PLAYBOOK. Table of Contents. 1. Early Offense. 3. 2. Man to Man Offense. 3. Baseline Inbounds. 4. Sideline Inbounds. 5. Scott Peterman - Men's Basketball HoopScoop. Half-Court Set Plays. Half-Court Sets. Set Play 1. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 1 does a fake dribble handoff with 2. 4 sets a flare. pg. 1. Tom Izzo Michigan. State Playbook. Table of Contents. 1. Early Offense. 2. 2. Half Court Sets. 7. 3. Horns. 4. Baseline out of Bounds. 5. Sideline out.

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Uploaded by: TASHINA Page 1. Breakthrough Basketball Plays. 33 of Our Favorite Basketball Plays that Will Help You Develop a Winning Basketball. Basketball Playbook is a tool to help coaches define, draw An easy to use design tool to sketch basketball plays and Export of a drill in PDF file format. high- percentage plays lionel hollins assist. FIBA ASSIS. T MAGAZINE. FOR basketball enthusias ts everywhere july / augus t don showalter post drills.

Match-up Press Defenses. Run-and-Jump Press Defense. Trapping with a Trailer Defender. Pressure Defense, and "Deny". Selecting Your Offense s.

Fundamental Precepts of Offensive Basketball. Motion Offense Principles B. Bob Hurley: Motion Offense B. Simple Motion Plays youth teams M.

Loyola M. Miami B.

Weave-Screen Plays M. Isolation 2 M. Dribble-Drive Motion Offense - More!

Attacking the Pack Line Defense M. Slice Offense M. Read and React Offense B. Triangle Offense M. High Low Triangle Offense B.

Pete Carril's Princeton Offense M. Princeton Offense B. Princeton Offense Plays M. Pick and Roll Offense M. Fred Hoiberg's Early Offense M.

Wisconsin Swing Offense B. West Coast Stack Offense. Michigan-Style 2-Guard Offense M. Hawk Offense M. Horns Offense B. Blocker Mover Offense M. Grinnell Offense B. Shuffle Offense M.

Youth Swing Offense B. Thunder Offense M. Flex Offense B M. Spread Delay Offense B. Basics of Zone Offense Z. Screening the Zone Z. Keys to Attacking the Zone Defense Z. Attacking the or Zone Z. Simple, Easy Zone Attack Z. Kansas Zone Offense Z. Kansas Zone Plays Z. Anchors Zone Offense Z.

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Delta Zone Offense Z. Dribble-Drive Zone Offense Z. Stanford Motion-Zone Offense Z. Attacking the Zone Z. Attacking the Zone Defense Z. Attacking "Junk" Defenses Z. Attacking the Box-and-1 Defense Z. Attacking the Triangle-and-2 Defense Z. Selecting Your Press Offense s. Transition Offense. Concepts for Playing Fast. Secondary Fast Break. Coach Sar's Secondary Break. Secondary Numbered Break. Simple Press Breaker. Flood Press Breaker. Beating the Full Court Press.

Attacking the Press. Four Across Press Breaker. Half-Court Press Breakers. Selecting a Few Plays. Big Series M. Double Stack Offense - Plays M. Gap Attack Zone Play Z.

Box-Set Offense M. The Box Offense - Plays for your Shooters. The Box Offense - Post Plays. Heat M.

America's Play M. High Pick and Roll Set M. Redhawk M. Michigan M. Ohio M. Buckeye M. Demon M. Blazer M. Opening Tip-Off Play. Sideline Plays.

Basketball playbook

OB Plays vs the Zone. Full-Court Buzzer Beaters. Half-Court Buzzer Beaters. Last Second Situations. Quotes - Motivational and Humorous. How to make the team Things to think about Attitude, the "Right Stuff". The exceptional player The "role" player Guide for Serious Basketball Players. Keys to Becoming a Great Player.

Playbook: Andrea Trinchieri (Brose Bamberg 2015-18)

Things Good Basketball Players Do. Basketball Tips: Being a Team Leader. Costs of School Athletics Is Increasing: Coaching Maintaining Student-Athlete Stress Levels. Top Sports Trends of Importance of Athletic Scholarships. Sports and Exercise Tips for Students.

Best Educational Programs for Young Athletes. Video Clip Library. Footwork Fundamentals. Offensive Tips. Cutting and Faking. Ball Handling. The Art of Passing. The Lay-up.

Shot Selection. Where are all the Great Shooters? Basketball Shooting - 3 Simple C's. Coach Wissel's Shooting Series. Coach Wissel's Shooting Tips. The offense emphasizes two passes: a pitch back to a player around the three-point line or a bounce pass leading a player directly to the basket, typically on a backdoor cut.

By penetrating and pitching, the offense creates better three-point shot opportunities, as players receive the ball from inside the three-point line, already squared to the basket. Players can step confidently into their shot or, if they are not open, continue with their own dribble penetration.

When I first ran this offense with a youth team, we used a high on-ball screen and the forward picked and popped Diagram 6. The Phoenix Mercury of the WNBA started in a similar set this season and used a shallow cut by the forward Penny Taylor while the point guard Miller dribbled across the top. Miller passed back to Taylor to initiate the offense with a drive to the basket Diagram 7. The difficulty with the offense is balancing the individual isolations on which the offense is predicated without creating a stagnant 1v5 offense.

Lute Olson and the University of Arizona use dribble penetration as one of their offensive keys and he believes you must force the defense to defend the entire width of the court.

They use middle penetration and skip passes to get the ball moving from side to side. However, the objective is to score and too much side to side ball movement obscures the objective which is to drive the ball to the basket for lay-ups or to collapse the defense to create open three-point shots. However, the ball should not stay on one side of the court or be dominated by one player for too long. The other potential negative is the non-use of a post-up player.

The 5 must move with the ball and create passing angles to receive the ball around the basket. If the post stands still, help rotations are easier. An active center makes the defense work harder on their help rotations. The basic entries involve the 1, 2 and 4. However, incorporating the 3 is easy and useful, especially if the team bogs down on one side of the court. The first way is with a baseline pass if the defense cuts off the 1s penetration Diagram 7 ; the second is when the 4 cuts backdoor and is not open for the pass Diagram 8 ; finally, while this is not a screen heavy offense and depends more on spacing and dribble penetration, the 4 can set a screen to get the ball to the 3 with an opportunity to shoot or drive Diagram 9.

However, if the center position is a strength, there are other ways to incorporate him. The first option is a play the Phoenix Suns used last season to isolate Amare Stoudemire. The 5 sets a flex screen for the 2 to cut to the basket Diagram If the 2 is open cutting to the basket, he is the first option. Otherwise, he clears to the opposite corner. After setting the screen, the 5 shapes up to the ball and the 1 gets the 5 the ball in space.

The 5 is isolated 1v1 just outside the key with shooters spotting up around the three-point line. A play we used with great success to isolate the 4 on the perimeter and post the 5 in the paint is a basic Flex entry. With the 1 dribbling on the strong side, the 3 uses a Flex screen from the 5 to clear the weak side.

Lason Perkins is recognized globally as one of basketball's brightest coaching minds. He has coached at every level of basketball from elementary school to the professional ranks, and is the creator of many instructional basketball videos. He is a great student of the game with an expert understanding of Xs and Os, and maintains contact with coaches from around the world. With respect to the Horns offense, Coach Perkins has researched this topic in great detail and with this DVD, first presents the basics of the offense, and then includes numerous detailed plays and options, all with on-court demonstrations.

Plays are categorized as 1 plays for your shooters, 2 pick and roll plays, 3 plays for your post players, and 4 a few additional "bonus" plays.

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In addition, Coach Perkins has included live game video footage and an interview with coach Eric Musselman who provides some additional thoughts and tips. This is an excellent DVD, and is a must for any coach wanting to use the Horns offense.

This is a well researched and well presented DVD of the Horns offense.

In this article, we'll discuss the basics of the Horns offense and present just a few of the many, many plays that coach Perkins includes on the DVD Get the DVD! The Horns offensive alignment has both post players come up high near the arc on each side of the lane and when both set screens for the point guard O1, look like the "horns" on a bull. Some coaches favor the term "A-set" because the set looks a bit like the capital letter "A" upside down.

So this is the basic starting set O4 and O5 are high as the "horns", O1 usually starts in the middle, shooters O2 and O3 are in the corners. You can run this offense against man-to-man and zone defenses. You get pick and roll action, shots for your best shooters, and the ball to your best post player. Horns works well from transition, and is easy to get into right off an inbounds situation.

O5 and O4 are screeners for O1, and O1 can pick either side and dribble either right or left around the high screen. Here O1 dribbles around O5 looking to score, and runs the pick and roll action with O5 rolling off the screen inside for a possible pass from O1. O1 can also kick-out pass to O3 for an open 3-point shot in the corner if the X3 defender drops inside to give defensive help. Notice that the opposite post O4 pops out on top.

If he's a good shooter, O4 could shoot the 3-point shot. Or now O4 and O5 can work a "hi-lo" action with O5 posting up inside, getting the pass from O4.Goal Thinking and Process Thinking for Players. Believe in Greatness. Demon M. Triangle Defense. Attacking the Pack Line Defense M. Side-Entry Diagram G. The offense emphasizes two passes: a pitch back to a player around the three-point line or a bounce pass leading a player directly to the basket, typically on a backdoor cut.

Basketball Shooting - 3 Simple C's.