As of today we have 78,, eBooks for you to download for free. No annoying ads Computer Forensics: Investigating Network Intrusions and Cyber Crime. "The definitive text for students of digital forensics, as well as professionals looking to deepen their understanding of an increasingly critical field Written by. Everything You Wanted to Know About Digital Forensics This short guide will give you the base knowledge you need to have in order to get started with digital.

Computer Forensics Ebook

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We would like to present you our new eForensics eBook, covering the subject of Real Life Computer Forensics written by our expert Jose Ruiz. Uncover a digital trail of e-evidence by using the helpful, easy-to-understand information in Computer Forensics For Dummies! Professional and armchair. Two free ebooks (PDF) can be downloaded: Wikipedia Handbook of Computer Security Two free Ebooks on Security and Digital Forensics.

Because these contain evidence that is an integral aspect of an ongoing investigation. The Practical Windows Forensics contains easy to follow instructions that familiarize you with the concept of digital forensics.

You learn the basics and all the Windows Digital Forensics in detail. With clear illustrations and detailed how-to guides, you can be a Digital Forensics expert in no time.

Furthermore, it contains real world advice to help in practical application. Practical Windows Forensics, not just helps you learn about forensics but also teaches you the various software and techniques to use in the digital forensic process.

This eBook is a must read for all wannabe forensic specialists. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply. You do not need to attempt expertise in technologies and forensic processes that are complicated to understand and manage. We will do that for you. A thorough, accurate and unbiased investigation that will find the data in question. A fair and objective approach to collaborative discussions and decision-making at a time when tensions run high. We are even-tempered professionals experienced in many challenging situations with the ability to maintain resolute objectivity.

An approach to remediating data that completely removes it from networks or media where it should not be present and a certification from us that all data at issue has been destroyed.

A resolution to these matters which prevents expensive and protracted litigation that can seriously distract executives from their jobs or disrupt business — potentially for years.

Evidence to support further action you may take after data remediation, should you decide to take any additional steps in seeking legal restitution.

The digital evidence will be preserved in its complete and original format, allowing you to defend against claims of spoliation or tampering. The methodologies we use will stand up in court and we will back that up as expert witnesses on your behalf.

Your digital evidence collection will occur quickly and accurately. The costs and overall timeline will proceed with accurate forecasts.

Computer Forensics For Dummies

The devices and data sets involved with the employee will be quickly and properly preserved. This will include valuable temporal data that is easily lost. Having real and accurate data at your fingertips, you will be in the best possible position to quickly act against former employees who might otherwise do you great damage, which may otherwise be undetected for months. A proactive approach to protecting your intellectual property and maintaining the value of it over time.

We will help you make sense of the overall digital puzzle by collecting and analyzing digital evidence from many differing but relevant sources — not just computers. You will have a much better grasp on the activities of your subjects as indicated by hard data from the investigation. You will have a partner to go to court with you — should this be required — to serve as an expert witness.

We will explain our collection procedures to those who may not understand and explain our rationale for how we interpret the data. Our digital forensic team members are well-versed in courtroom procedures and have been recognized as experts in federal and many states courts.

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This team understands technology and knows how to work with lawyers, IT staff, senior executives and the courts. How This Benefits You With our digital forensics team on your side, you have a distinct competitive advantage over lawyers who do not have the level of technological sophistication we bring to the table.

With us on your side, you win. We deploy a standardized, yet flexible approach to ensure we identify what you are trying to accomplish and any sensitivities we need to pay heed to as the matter unfolds.


We analyze the needs of the case and provide you with a protocol most likely achieve to your goals. We conduct our investigations using the developed protocols and provide you with written and verbal reports in a manner that will be easy to understand and explain to your client.

If required, we will come to a courtroom or boardroom to personally explain our findings and preservation methodologies. We can proudly say that a large majority of those are still active clients that we continue to support.We conduct our investigations using the developed protocols and provide you with written and verbal reports in a manner that will be easy to understand and explain to your client.

We analyze the needs of the case and provide you with a protocol most likely achieve to your goals. Create lists, bibliographies and reviews: IDC estimates that the U.

Digital forensics is a key competency in meeting the growing risks of cybercrime, as well as for criminal investigation generally.