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ஸ்ரீ ஸாயி ஸத் சரித்திரம். Shri Sai Satcharitra. (Tamil). Page 2. Page 3. Page 4. Page 5. Page 6. Page 7. Page 8. Page 9. Page Page You are here. Home» Sansthan Literature» Sai Satcharitra» हिन्दी. साई सच्चरित. Sai Charitra - Hindi - Complete Book. Preview Download. Information . Sai Satcharitra - Tamil, Telugu & Kannada PDF. Sri Sai Satcharita [Sai Satcharita Tamil] · [Sai Satcharita Telugu] · [Sai Satcharita Kannada].

It shows the all-pervasiveness, omnipresence of Sai and His insrutable power. He gave it to his brother-in-law, Noor-Mahomed Peerbhoy and it was lying on his table for eight years. Once the latter saw it, took it to a photographer and got it enlarged to life-size and distributed copies of the same amongst his relations and friends, including Ali Mahomed who fixed it up in his Bandra house.

Noor-Mahomed was a disciple of Saint Abdul Rahiman and when he went to present the picture to his Guru in an open darbar held by him, the Guru got wild and ran to beat him, and drove him out. He felt very sorry and dejected. As his Guru did not like image-worship, he took the enlarged picture with him to the Appollo Bunder and, after hiring a boat, went in it and drowned it in the sea.

He requested the friends and relations to return their copies and after getting them 6 in all back, had them thrown by a fisherman in the Bandra sea.

He was told by him that his suffering would come to an end if he would soon drown the pictures of the saints in the sea. Hearing this, Ali Mahomed sent his Mehta Manager to his Bandra house and got all the pictures of the saints in his house thrown into the sea.

He did not understand how his Mehta took away all the pictures except this. He immediately took it out and kept it in his cupboard, fearing that if his brother-in-law saw it, he would do away with it. While he was thanking how it should be disposed of, and who would keep it and guard it well, Sai Baba Himself as it were, suggested to him that he should see and consult Moulana Ismu Mujavar and abide by his opinion.

He saw the Moulana and told him everything. After mature consideration they both decided that the picture should be presented to Annasaheb Hemadpant and that he would protect it well.

Then they both went to Hemadpant and presented the picture in the nick of time.

Miracle of Sai

This story shows how Baba knew all the past, present and future, and how skillfully He pulled the wires and fulfilled desired of His devotees. The following story shows that Baba liked very much those persons who took real interest in matters spiritual and that He removed all their difficulties and made them happy.

Stealing the Rags and Reading of Jnaneshwari Mr. Deo who was Mamlatdar of Dahanu Thana District wished for a long time to read Jnaneshwari — the well-known Marathi commentary on the Bhagawad-Gita by Jnaneshwar , along with other scriptures. He could read daily one chapter of the Bhagawad-Gita, and some portion of other books; but when he took Jnaneshwari in hand, some difficulties cropped up and he was precluded from reading it.

He could read there other books but when he opened Jnaneshwari, some evil or stray thoughts came crowding in his mind and stopped him in the effort. Try however he might, he was not able to read even a few lines of the book with ease. So he resolved in his mind that when Baba would create love for the book and would order him to read it, he would begin and not till then. Then in the month of February he went with his family to Shirdi. There Jog asked him whether he daily read Jnaneshwari.

Deo said that he was desirous of reading it, but he was not successful and that only when Baba would order him to read it, he would commence. Jog then advised him to take a copy of the book and present it to Baba and to start the reading after it was consecrated and returned by Him. Deo then replied that he did not want to resort to this device, as Baba knows his heart. Would He not know his desire and satisfy it by giving him a clear order to read?

Deo then saw Baba and offered one rupee as Dakshina. Baba asked for Rs. Balakram told him that he would communicate everything next day after arati. When Deo went for darshana next day, Baba asked for Rs. As the Masjid was crowded, Deo went aside and sat in a corner. Baba asked him to come close and sit with a calm mind, which Deo did. If you feel like doing it , ask baba for blessings to start it and try to do it.

My prayers to sai for you to start sai vrat pooja as soon as possible. Where do I get Sai Vrat Katha book?

Many devotees have got desired fruits from this Vrat. By word of mouth it is becoming very popular and it has won trust of many devotees.

For devotees residing abroad i am uploading scanned copy of Sai Vrat Katha book in English, Hindi and Marathi language. With Baba's grace and blessings Sai sister Charu and her husband have contributed this treasure.

Shri Sai Baba

My hearty thanks to them. Why should I observe fast if not recommended by Baba?

This question will certainly arise in a devotee's mind who has read Sai Satcharitra. I too agree with the same. But also on the other hand i have experienced miracles by doing this vrat. More than materialistic things for which i started the vrat, i got to see spiritual aspects.

It seemed as a chance to me get more close to Baba. It is not unknown that Baba pulls His devotees by fulfilling all their wishes and then make them His forever. I request devotees not to do this Vrat just to test Baba. Only thing needed is full faith on Baba and He is sure to sail us across.

In the end i leave it to reader's discretion to observe this fast or not. Who can do this Vrat? Anyone whether male, female and even children can do this Vrat.

Old and Sick persons can avoid it. Still if its devotee's wish to do Vrat, Baba will take fullest care!

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Should i start this Vrat from any special day? There is no such rule. It can be started from any Thursday by taking Baba's name and seeking His help and grace for desire for which the Vrat is taken up. What is the procedure of Vrat? Sai Baba must be worshipped in morning or in evening.

Sai Baba's photograph must be placed on a yellow cloth. Clean the photograph with clear water.


Tilak of Chandan sandalwood and Kumkum must be applied to the photograph of Sai Baba. Yellow coloured flowers or garland must be offered to Sai Baba, incense sticks and lamp must be lighted and then the main story of the vrat must be read.

Sai Baba's name must be remembered and then prasad must be distributed. Again there are no hard and fast rules in this. What can be given as Prasad? Prasad may consist of some sweet, dry fruit or fruits. What can be eaten in this Vrat? Vrat can be done only by eating fruits, sweets or drinking milk, tea or coffee. It can also be done by taking one time meal in evening.

It should not be done by not eating anything. A devotee had asked me whether she can eat potatoes, cucumber and tomatoes during this vrat. The answer is yes. Is it compulsory to visit Sai Baba Temple? No it is not. But it is preferred. If any unavoidable circumstances exist then Baba can be worshipped at home only. Only thing required is full faith!!!

Can i do Vrat if i am not at home or when I am travelling? Yes you can. Baba has not laid any compulsions for worshipping Him. This applies in this Vrat also.

Again only thing required is full faith!!! What if i miss any Thursday s due to unavoidable circumstances? That Thursday s should be skipped and following Thursday s can be considered in counting Nine Thursdays.

The same applies for women if they are going through menses. Is it compulsory to conclude Vrat on nineth Thursday?

Yes it is. How Vrat is concluded? Vrat is concluded by visiting Sai Baba temple on nineth Thursday, feeding five poor people and distributing 5,11 or 21 Sai Vrat Katha books to your friends and relatives to increase Sai Mahima. What if Sai Vrat Katha books are not available for distribution? As said earlier they are easily available in India. For devotees residing abroad they can mail scanned copies of books. What if I cannot feed poor people?And in no time, they got all the happiness and prosperity.

Deo who was Mamlatdar of Dahanu Thana District wished for a long time to read Jnaneshwari — the well-known Marathi commentary on the Bhagawad-Gita by Jnaneshwar , along with other scriptures.

The desk on which Hemadpant wrote the manuscript of the Sai Satcharita is well preserved and is placed in the same room in Sai Niwas on which he sat and wrote the Sai Satcharita. There Jog asked him whether he daily read Jnaneshwari. This book will give the logical understanding and the spiritual sadhana to attain that.

Shri Sai Baba

In this Kali Age Kaliyug , this vrat is very effective. Can i read sai satcharitra in near by temple as my family always make fun of my sai nath.

Bharadwaja's request and blessings, Sri G. Kokilaben had lots of faith in GOD and she was very religious.